The Lover seeks long lasting relationships and values closeness and intimacy. They are motivated by their care for one another, and their desire to make others feel worthy of love and compassion. They believe that through honesty, passion, and vulnerability that people are capable of developing deeper connections with one another.

This archetype is also called the Beauty, Companion, Connector, Connoisseur, Enthusiast, Friend, Harmonizer, Hedonist, Intimate, Matchmaker, Partner, Romantic, Seducer, Sensualist, Spouse, and Team-Builder.

Lover Marketing Opportunity


The Lover is a promising brand identity for a brand

  • Whose use helps people find love or friendship

  • Whose function fosters beauty, communication, or closeness between people or is associated with sexuality or romance

  • With pricing that is moderate to high

  • If it is produced or sold by a company with an intimate, elegant organizational culture, as opposed to a massive Ruler hierarchy

  • That needs to differentiate itself in a positive way from lower priced brands


MARKETING APPROACH | Building strong connections to others making them feel special and appreciated

TONE | Aesthetic, Affectionate, Appreciative, Connected, Enticing, Intimate, Mesmerizing, Passionate, Seductive, Sensual, Sultry, Warm, and Welcoming

VALUE PROPOSITION | Helps people find and give love

CUSTOMER FEAR | Exile, orphaning, abandonment, engulfment




Lover Mindset


GOAL | To build intimate and committed relationships with those around them

STRATEGY | To become more attractive in order to build up the desire others have to connect with them

MOTIVATION | Belonging & Enjoyment

CALL | Infatuation, seduction, falling in love (with a person, an idea, a cause, work, a product)

CORE DESIRE | Attain intimacy and experience sensual pleasure

GIFT | Passion, gratitude, appreciation, commitment

CHAMPIONS | Appreciation, Commitment, Connection, Gratitude, Passion, and Sensuality

SUPER POWERS | Acting as a facilitator and being able to understand another’s perspective allows them to bring people closer together

SHADOW | Promiscuity, Obsession, Jealousy, Envy, Puritanism

TRAP | Doing anything and everything to attract and please others, losing identity

FEARS | Rejection, Loneliness, Isolation, and Contempt; Feeling that they are alone in the world, unworthy of being loved

TURN-OFFS | Aesthetic, Affectionate, Appreciative, Connected, Enticing, Intimate, Mesmerizing, Passionate, Seductive, Sensual, Sultry, Warm, and Welcoming



LEVEL 1 Seeking great sex or a great romance

LEVEL 2 Following your bliss and committing to whom and what you love

LEVEL 3 Spiritual love, self-acceptance, and the experience of ecstasy


The 12 Brand Archetypes


So what is a ‘Brand Strategy’?


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The authors developed the 12 Brand Archetypes as a tool for marketing in 1995 and explained their methodology and ideas in their seminal book. Some of the content on this page are ideas cited directly to maintain correctness and some have been paraphrased where possible.