The Magician seeks to transform the world. They are motivated by their belief that once you understand the basic fundamentals of how things work, these rules can be applied to make their visions a reality. They believe that anything is possible if you have both the knowledge and willingness to try.

This archetype is also called the Alchemist, Catalyst, Charismatic Leader, Engineer, Healer, Innovator, Inventor, Mediator, Medicine Man or Woman, Scientist, Shaman, Transformer, Visionary, or Wizard.

Magician Marketing Opportunity


The Magician may be a good identity for your brand if:

  • The product or service is transformative

  • Its implicit promise is to transform the customer

  • It appeals to New Age consumers or cultural creatives

  • It helps to expand or extend consciousness

  • It is a user-friendly technology

  • It has a spiritual or psychological component

  • It is a new and very contemporary product

  • It is medium to high priced


MARKETING APPROACH | Wearing different hats allows them to understand different perspectives and provide guidance where it is needed

TONE | Amazing, Compelling, Empowering, Exciting, Expansive, Informed, Inspiring, Moving, Mystical, Reassuring, Sophisticated, Spellbinding, Spiritual, Transformative

VALUE PROPOSITION | Affect transformation

CUSTOMER FEAR | Ineffectuality, impotence, powerlessness



Magician Mindset


GOAL | To understand the fundamental laws of life and use that knowledge to transform the world

STRATEGY | Develop unique and transformational visions and follow through with them

MOTIVATION | Risk & Mastery

CALL | Hunches, extrasensory or synchronistic experiences

CORE DESIRE | Knowledge of the fundamental laws of how the world or universe work

GIFT | Finding win-win outcomes

CHAMPIONS | Achievement, Alchemy, Belief, Discovery, Imagination, Innovation, Knowledge, Mystery, Power, Risk, Transformation, and Vision

SUPER POWERS | A powerful imagination helps them to think of win-win solutions for everyone involved in a situation

SHADOW | Manipulation, sorcery

TRAP | Promising something that may be too outrageous or difficult to accomplish can cause people to see them as manipulative

FEARS | Ignorance and uncertainty in the consequences of their actions, and the possibility that they might have an unanticipated negative outcome

TURN-OFFS | Dishonesty, Doubt, Ignorance, Manipulation, Stagnation, Uncertainty, Unintended Consequences, Unpredictability, and Variability



LEVEL 1 Magical moments and experiences of transformation

LEVEL 2 The experience of flow

LEVEL 3 Miracles, moving from vision to manifestation

The 12 Brand Archetypes


So what is a ‘Brand Strategy’?


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The authors developed the 12 Brand Archetypes as a tool for marketing in 1995 and explained their methodology and ideas in their seminal book. Some of the content on this page are ideas cited directly to maintain correctness and some have been paraphrased where possible.