More like out of fashion… The reality is that a well-designed and executed direct mail campaign is highly targeted to your audience, easily measurable and can make a big impact on sales. 


Between remote work, Zoom everything and more email marketing campaigns than ever, the average person is under siege online. When they snap their laptop closed, it’s time to check the mail. 

While 2020 has provided the perfect setting for direct mail marketing, your print pieces still have to be on point and sent to the right person. Read more


Direct Mail

1. UNIQUELY PERSONALIZED - Digital marketing tends to be very generalized. Direct mail can be addressed by name to each potential customer, and the material personalized for each mailing list.

2. ADAPTABLE - Do you want people to try your product, but can't get them in the store with COVID-19 restrictions? Send them a sample in the mail! With direct mail, your campaign is flexible and can meet your most creative needs.

3. TARGETED AUDIENCE - Data collection is at an all time high, it is simple to purchase mailing lists that will target the correct audience. 

4. EASILY MEASURABLE - It is a myth that you cannot track your ROI with direct mail. The key is coupons, and knowing how to track responses.

5. AN APPETITE FOR OLD FASHIONED MAIL People are spending more time alone at home than ever before: capitalize on your captive audience’s craving for more personable social interaction.


Interested in getting started? Read “You’ve Got Mail!” to learn how.