What drives results in direct mail? It’s simple: send the right people, the right message, the right way, over and over again. Oh, and you definitely are going to need to have ways to measure your campaigns...But you first need a plan.


Don’t you like receiving letters?

So you're ready to gain more customers and start advertising with direct mail, but where do you start? Whether you are a big or small business, these are your next steps to consider:

WHO IS MY TARGET AUDIENCE? Construct or purchase a mailing list of people who will be interested in your product/service. You can visit USPS.

WHAT MATERIAL COULD I CREATE? This is where you get to be creative, but remember that a call to action and building customer relationships are the end

goals! You can send postcards, letters, flyers, and even product samples or gifts. 

HOW DO I CODE AND TEST FOR RESULTS? This step is important for tracking your return on investment. There are plenty of online resources to explain different ways of coding and testing for your campaign’s effectiveness. A simple, but reliable way to see results is to attach a specific coupon code to track purchases.

Direct Mail

Mail can be nostalgic and high impact.


  • If you have a high profile client, or significant revenue per transaction, you could consider using a site such as Moo.com or SendOutCards to send a personalized letter and/or gift.

  • USPS offers direct mail marketing solutions, and even has a page specifically to help small businesses!

  • Handwritten notes are a simple, yet very personal way to stand out to your clients. Check out Handwrytten to easily create and customize handwritten (by robots!) cards online.

  • There are plenty of other sites that will help you create the perfect campaign to target your specific audience. (Check QuickSprout for a list of a few good ones)



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