Even if you haven't been tasked with hiring a web developer to build a site for your company, you have probably heard of SEO aka "Search Engine Optimization." So why is it so important? Simply put, it is about making your website and company visible online.

SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization is more complex, and more important, than ever before. It is crucial for your company to stay informed and constantly adjust, especially when 75% of people don't click past page one of their search! 

SEO 101

Here are some key terms to know:

  • GOOGLE RANKINGS - Where your website is ranked on a google search page. Ideally you want to be at the top of the search.

    How does Google '“rank” pages?

    • What is the searcher looking for? Search engines interpret what information searchers want to find, this includes adjusting for issues such as spelling errors and using the right synonym, or interpreting the category and relevancy of the topic. 

    • How relevant is your page? Algorithms will then analyze your website’s content to see if it matches the search. Keywords on your page that match the search are the most simple way a search engine will match your page.

    • How useful is your content? This is often measured through link backs, or how often other users have gone to your page for the same information. 

    • How user-friendly is your webpage? Beyond specific design features, the main way to tell is if your webpage loads properly and quickly on all web browsers and different devices.

    • Location, location, location - Search engines also use features such as where your business is located, or interprets user interest in the subject matter.

    TAKE AWAY: Think like someone who is searching for your page or a similar topic when you are considering SEO strategy. What would you want to find?


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  • LINK BACKS - Links from one website/page to another. When a website links to your page it shows that other people like what you have to say, which makes your information more valuable. Search engines find popular pages easier, and link backs give your page more authority and another way to be found on the web.

  • KEYWORDS - Words and phrases that make your pages easier to find. Think about what you would type in to a Google search, and add those keywords to your content!

  • CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR) - The rate at which a person will click your link in a search. Even if your content is the top of the page, it must still be attention-grabbing and informational to be of use to viewers.

  • EMAIL MARKETING - Successful email campaigns should send recipients straight to your website to increase clicks.


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